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Auto mower®

Automower robot mowers have been developed by Husqvarna Group, a range of high-end robot mowers that meet the needs of the most demanding consumers. The Group has developed robot mowers under several brands such as Husqvarna and Gardena .

Gardena is well known for its irrigation systems, however since its acquisition by Husqvarna Group, Gardena offers its own range of autonomous robot mowers developed thanks to the great experience of the Husqvarna brand in this field. Husqvarna’s expertise for more than 25 years provides exemplary reliability to Gardena robot mowers while offering an extremely competitive price.

Gardena robot mowers mow in the rain

Gardena robot mowers even mow in the rain

Gardena robot mowers are intelligent thanks to the Smart System

Gardena robot mowers work in narrow passages

Gardena robot mowers are very quiet