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The Kress robotic lawnmower, a small technological miracle at the service of your garden

The robot lawn mower Kress : a small miracle of technology at the service of your garden

As users of robotic mowers know, this is a life changing investment. But sometimes, small disappointments come with this acquisition: worn edges, badly cut, robot that poorly detects obstacles.

This is why we have decided to offer you the KRESS robot mowers, little technological gems that will take care of your garden like no one has ever done!

If you’ve ever fallen for a classic robotic lawnmower, you’ve inevitably been faced with at least one of these drawbacks: edges cut unevenly, obstacles that cause the robot to stop and turn around, and finally, the wear and tear of certain areas of the lawn due to too frequent passage.

So what can you do to avoid all these inconveniences and be able to enjoy your garden without stress? Bet on a robot mower from the brand KRESS ROBOTIK with our PREMIUM + guarantee which gives you 7 years of peace of mind!

Designed to respond to the most common issues encountered by robot users, the Kress Robotik brand models stand out for their innovative technologies. Two of the five robots in the range are equipped with the OAS ultrasonic system, which enables them to detect obstacles and get around them without stopping or even slowing down.

Thanks to INITVA technology, Kress robots naturally turn in the best direction when they reach the perimeter wire. Thus, Kress robots mow faster than conventional models without wearing down the edges of the garden and while preserving their battery (a Kress robot mows about 80% of the lawn while a conventional robot mows only 50%!) .

Finally, equipped with a regenerative braking system that converts kinetic energy into electricity, Kress robots slow down on descents, enough to extend battery life even further!

The KRESS robot lawn mower mows in narrow passages without a guide wire thanks to its artificial intelligence

The KRESS robotic lawnmower recharges its battery on slopes thanks to energy recovery

The charging station of the KRESS robot mower is discreet, the slatted-like base allows the grass to push through in order to be more visible

The KRESS robotic lawnmower mows as close as possible to the edges thanks to its offset cutting deck

The KRESS robotic lawnmower detects and avoids obstacles thanks to its ultrasonic detectors. The OAS system is patented and exclusive to KRESS products

The KRESS robotic lawnmower is connected via a dedicated mobile application, it is even possible to extend connectivity via 4G as an option